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Tradition for safety

7. September, 2022

The company Safe Transfer A/S goes a little under the radar of ordinary Danes. However, the products have an international appeal, and they are delivered and serviced all over the world. “It’s fantastic with global success, but our own ambitions continue to grow,” says our director at Safe Transfer A/S.

Our safety baskets are both Danishly developed and produced and now have more than 35 years behind them. It all started back in 1985, when the Danish shipping company ESVAGT A/S developed the product. Since 2014, the Safe Transfer brand has been owned and operated by us at West-Marine, which supplies both equipment and services to the maritime industry and offshore industry.

“We can report after more than 35 years in the industry that our customers have not experienced a single accident connected with our baskets”, says Carsten Larsen and continues:

“At West-Marine A/S and Safe Transfer A/S, we have a tradition of safety. You don’t get that security overnight. We are constantly trying to make the products better and safer for our customers. It is of course nice that there have been no recorded accidents in the 37 years that Safe Transfer baskets have been delivered.”

Largest security supplier in several parts of the world

Safe Transfer A/S not only provides security for the many onshore and offshore projects in Denmark. After many years on the market, we have developed a larger customer index and now deliver all over the world.

The latest report we have prepared shows that we are among the largest suppliers in several parts of the world. We have large deliveries to, for example, Central America and Southeast Asia.

“It is fantastic that we can be the largest suppliers in those parts of the world. It tells us that security is a common language we all speak. Whether you come from Denmark or Malaysia, you want security.” says Carsten Larsen.

Quality stamp of safety

It is not many years ago that we at Safe Transfer A/S received the coveted approval from NORSOK on our most recently developed “sit-down” version, an approval given to products used in the oil and gas industry. And the approval is a huge pat on the back for Safe Transfer’s product, Carsten Larsen believes.

“The approval came as a huge relief, and it has given us a seal of quality. We are the only ones on the safety basket market to have received the Norwegian NORSOK safety approval, and this tells us that our product meets the safety requirements of the rest of the world.”

In addition to the Norwegian NORSOK approval, all Safe Transfer safety baskets have both DNV and ABS approvals. Safe Transfer A/S also maintains a Bureau Veritas and Achilles JQS certification. Everything comes down to the effort and security that goes into each and every product.

Sustainability lies in durability

When it comes to products that are developed for the offshore industry, we think a lot about sustainability and climate-friendly materials for the future. And Safe Transfer A/S has a durable product that differs from competitors in the industry in several areas.

“Our safety baskets are popularly said to last forever, but of course they need a safety check every few years. We regularly receive baskets for service that have been in use by our customers for more than 25 years, and it is a pleasure to see the good condition they are in even after many years of use in a harsh environment. For us, sustainability also means a long product life, which makes replacements redundant, so it doesn’t matter that our customers achieve a much better TCO (Total Cost of Ownership),” says Carsten Larsen.

We also offer rental options to customers so that customers can return safety baskets after a successful project where the need for safe transport is satisfied. And the returned baskets will be reused for new customers.

Ambitions for future security

Safe Transfer A/S is pleased with the global impact we have made on safety in the offshore industry, where primarily the oil industry has benefited from our safety. Although we contribute to many projects and in many countries, the ambition is for more people to have better security. There are many markets that can use one of Safe Transfer’s baskets.

“Global success is fantastic, but our own ambitions continue to grow. There are always new markets and countries that may need more and better security and in the form of our curve. And we are in the process of setting new ambitions for Safe Transfer’s future,” says Carsten Larsen.

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