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High quality and optimal maneuverability 

West-Marine Control Cables

Also called Teleflex or Morse Cables

We manufacture and customize high-quality control cables leading to optimal manoeuvrability no matter what vessel you are in.

Our control cables have a robust design of steel coated with Polymer. The inner cable is made of steel and the connection ends are made of stainless steel ensuring long life.

A liner in the cable ensures frictionless movement, which makes the cable suitable for long cable lengths. The cable is extremely flexible and always easy to run.

Control cables are also called Teleflex cables, Morse cables, remote control cables wire cables or push-pull cables.

Control Cables from West-Marine Esbjerg
Customized cables from Esbjerg

Customized Control Cables

Our team of professional technicians manufactures custom-made cables – meeting your unique requirements for all kind of application.

Each control cable is applied with ID number quality tested before delivery.

The in-house production facilitates fast delivery of control cables to you – often day to day deliveries.

Besides customized solutions, we stock a larger standard program.

Standard Program of Control Cables

Our control cables are available in a number of standard series – including push-pull cables, universal cables, voltage cables, positive locking cables and PTO cables. They are all stocked in different lengths and with different breaking strength.

One Example:
Series 33 C cable with 10/32 unf threaded ends. Max. Load pressure 60 Nm, draft 120 Nm. The cable is suitable for short cable lengths and can be supplied with a steel core with a min. Breaking strength of 454 kg.

Another Example:
Series 43 C cable with l/4 unf threaded ends. Max load pressure 115 Nm, draft 230 Nm. The cable is suitable for long cable lengths and installations with several manoeuvring points.

Standard program of Control Cables

Technical Details

All our control cables use polymer liners available in standard cable construction at -54°C to +107 °C and HEFT 2 high temperature at -54°C to +149 °C. Factory lubrication provides optimum core performance without requiring additional service.

Protecting the Inner Core
Several oil-tempered spring wires are placed in a long pattern to protect the liner and the inner core, to maintain flexibility and withstand extreme compressive and tensile loads. This long layer construction results in minimal deflections during cable operation, which ensures precise control.

High-Performance Seals
We use High-Performance Seals as standard! Durable custom composite seals are used to prevent moisture and contaminants in the cable. High-Performance Seals operate in all extreme temperatures while offering improved performance and efficiency.

More Technical Details

A strong polymer coating is extruded on the liner for maximum cable strength.

Standard cable material is cast in a dark reddish-brown colour. The HEFT 2 coating used for high temperatures is a nylon-based material cast in a satin black colour.

Corrosion-resistant materials have been used throughout to provide maximum service life.

Unique cable system
Is protected against moisture leakage. Seals keep the lubricant inside the cable and dirt/water outside. A thick coating of polymer is extruded on the cable housing to protect against water, dirt and wear.

Approved Control Cables

Our cables comply with ISO 9001, AS 9100D, ISO 14000 and are CE approved.

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Your Advantages when Applying Control Cables  

  • Robust Design
  • Easy of use 
  • To be applied on a boat – in the navy and industry
  • Design of control cables meeting your requirements
  • A thick layer of Polymer extruded on cable housing to protect against water, dirt and wear
  • Different cable constructions provide improved flexibility, efficiency and load capacity
  • Wide range of standard cable products, eg Push-Pull, Tension and Vernier
  • Internal test and ID mark

Any Questions about our
Solutions and Equipment?

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