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Mobile Fire Pump

WM Emergency Fire Pump

Onboard, emergency fire pumps are indispensable.  In a short time, the fire pump sprays large amounts of water. We offer emergency fire pumps manufactured at our workshop in Esbjerg. Our fire pumps are available both as mobile, stationary and as a combined bilge/fire pump.

West-Marines Azcue CA 50/3 in bronze is a portable lightweight emergency fire pump approved by the Danish Maritime Authority.
The frame and the diesel-powered pump are made of aluminium minimizing the risk of corrosion and greater certainty that the pump will operate in an emergency. The low weight makes the fire pump easy to handle in an emergency.

The capacity is 25 m³ per hour
At 2.6 bar with primer
Weight 60 kg

Emergency Fire Pump

Stationary Fire Pump

This stationary emergency fire pump is equally manufactured at the workshop in Esbjerg with the following data:

Azcue pump CA 80/20 in bronze
Capacity 45 m³  an hour at 4.5 bar
Hatz air-cooled diesel engine with el. start
LxWxH 1000 mm x 390 mm x 650 mm

Powerful Bilge/Fire Pumpe
Emergency Fire Pump

Powerful Bilge / Fire Pump

Manufactured at the workshop in Esbjerg having the following data:

Azcue pump CA 50 / 5i bronze
Capacity 35 m³ at 3.5 bar
Fitted with recognized diesel engine
Pump and frame aluminium

Approved Fire Pump

The emergency fire pump is approved by the Danish Maritime Authority.

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Servicing an Emergency Fire Pump

An emergency fire pump should be regularly maintained. Suddenly it might be needed!

West-Marine’s small, compact and portable emergency fire pump is ideal in so many situations.

Safety on board means everything. Read, for example, the small booklet by the Fisheries’ Working Environment Council, which nicely describes what should happen before, during and after an accident. Special chapter 3: Fire drill. 

Any Questions about our
Solutions and Equipment?

The emergency fire pumps have been developed and created in Esbjerg by experienced and competent engineers. Please let us help you with any question.

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