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Efficient safety equipment – easy to use 

Rescue Sling Effectively Rescues Man Overboard

Rescue Sling from Sula

A rescue sling is operated by a person rescuing a man who has fallen overboard – without the rescuer having to get into the water. The rescue sling is a very effective piece of man overboard rescue equipment. The device is easy to use and very efficient.

Why have Rescue Equipment on Board?

On any boat, you should prevent the risk of falling into the water. However, you may have an accident, so be prepared with a rescue sling f.inst.

Often, rescuing a man overboard is hard due to weather conditions and physical condition of the man. With the rescue sling, you are well equipped. 

Rescue Sling operated by one man

Quality of the Sling

The sling is used worldwide in the maritime environment to rescue people in need at sea. The sling being of the highest quality is NS-EN 1497 and NS-EN 12841 certified by the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

The rescue sling is approved for military use (NATO) and is widely used on pilot boats, workboats, small passenger vessels and lifeboats. 500 SB Rescue Slings have been delivered to the UK, other European countries as well as Australia.

How to use the Rescue Sling:

Easy and simple to assemble.

Watch this video that instructs you how to. With this rescue sling, a man overboard can be rescued.

Follow this procedure:

  1. Place the harness around the person in the water
  2. Bring the harness up under the arms
  3. Release, stop and tighten around the person
  4. The strap is attached to an SB Rescue Davit, an electric and hydraulic winch, which will haul up the person  

The situation is that even after a short time in cold water, the body reacts  –  loses strength in the arms and legs.
And for those on board, it is almost impossible to pull perhaps 95 kg deadweight or more out of the water.

3 Reasons why you Fall Overboard

– Losing balance due to the weather – big waves, a gust of wind
– Random event such as tripping, evasion
– Excessive consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants

The rescue sling operated by one person hauls a person out of the water.

When a Man is Overboard

A good rule of thumb is keeping your mouth shut to avoid getting water in your throat. Falling into the water, the temperature is far below our body temperature of 37° C and often leads to a kind of cold gasp.

According to the Maritime Safety Council, just a few drops in the larynx cause suffocation due to cramp in the muscles of the larynx. Sø

Also, read the Fisheries Working Environment Council’s Survival Guide

Advantages of the SB Rescue Product

  • Quick and easy to use
  • The rescuer remains safe on board the vessel
  • After use, the sling can be made ready for use again in less than 30 seconds
  • Telescopic handles provide an effective range of up to 4.5 meters
  • Operated by one person
  • Low weigh
  • Requires no maintenance – only routine inspections – see under service

Specifications of the Equipment

  • Frame: anodised aluminium, length 1.2 m
  • Handle: anodized aluminium; consisting of a standard handle (1.0 m) plus a telescopic boat hook extension handle (1.7 to 3.0 m)
  • Total length max 5.2 m (effective range max 4.5 m)
  • Line: 15m x 12mm braided polyester
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • CE approved
  • Approved for military use (included in NATO stock-list)

Approved Sling

The sling is CE approved and Sula Bedriftstjeneste is ISO-2015 certified and accredited by Kiwa Teknologisk Institut.

The product is approved for military use (Included in the NATO stock-list)

The rescue sling primarily used for the maritime segment has unimaginable facets. We would like to show you our Rescue Sling.



The rescue sling requires a minimum of maintenance. However, it is extremely important to test the sling once a year. 

The sling is replaced at intervals of several years in accordance with NS-EN 1497 and NS-EN 12841. Read more in the Safety Report below.

Checking is performed by reading an APP on the mobile phone. The same system provides access to a database of maintenance.

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