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Rescue Equipment

Having rescue equipment on board, you may save lives

Vital and easily accessible

Rescue Equipment on Board

Having a high standard focusing on safety and regularly service we supply rescue equipment or safety equipment for the maritime sector and the offshore industry.

Our range of rescue equipment includes:

  • Survival Kits from West Marine
  • Stretchers – developed by West-Marine
  • Line throwers from Restech
  • Rescue Slings from Sula
  • Emergency fire pumps – from West-Marine
Danish supplier of

Rescue Equipment and Parts

A large selection of products within rescue equipment. many years’ experience and strong brands make  West-Marine in Esbjerg the best partner when choosing,  rescue equipment for your vessel.

We create a time-saving solution meeting your requirements whether it is for expeditions, fishing, shipping or for the offshore industry.

Survival Kits – Rescue Equipment

Survival Kits are your personal emergency helper. Enjoying life at sea, a hike or offshore you need this product not having the opportunity to get help in an emergency. Survival Kits are packages assisting you to survive.

Survival kits come in HDPE barrels (material that is highly resistant to moisture). The barrel secured with a galvanized steel ring and a plastic seal easily detect unauthorized opening. Reflex on the barrel ensures high visibility. The survival kit is also available in a bag or backpack.

Order an individually tailored package with equipment needed for your specific adventure.

The survival kit includes i.a. sleeping bag, flashlight, food, water box etc. Please find the complete list of survival equipment here –  choose the products that meet your needs.

Rescue Equipment - Survival Kits
Some of the contentents in Survival Kits

Service Agreement on Kits

Get an all-inclusive service agreement for this product resulting in no administration or maintenance.

We help you replace foods  passed the expiration date. Via a unique ID number, we register specific details about Survival Kits.

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WM Stretcher

Stretchers produced at West-Marine in Esbjerg are designed to rescue injured persons in the maritime environment and distinguish by both vertical and horizontal lifts. 

The stretchers meet the Danish Maritime Authority’s requirements.

Compared to conventional stretchers those of West-Marine enjoys great advantages.  

Rescue Equipment - Stretcher from West-Marine
Line Thrower from Restech in Norway

Line Thrower – Rescue Thrower

Recyclable PLT® line throwers produced by Restech since 1989 have been tested in some of the toughest environments on the planet. The quality requirements resulted in the most reliable, secure and intuitive line thrower on the market.

West-Marine offers all products from the extensive product range – read more about line throwers

Rescue Sling

ISO-2015 certified and accredited by the Kiwa Technological Institute Sula Bedriftstjeneste is highly recognized in the maritime market world-wide.

The SB rescue sling perfectly fits into West-Marine’s product range  offered to the maritime sector. Read about SB Rescue Slings.

Rescue Equipment - Rescue Sling from Sula
Emergency Fire Pump made by West-Marine

Emergency Fire Pump

Spraying large amounts of water on fires the emergency fire pump quickly and efficiently help you put out a fire on board. e.

Available as a transportable, stationary or as a combined bilge/fire pump this fire pump surrounds itself with benefits.

Developed at West-Marine in Esbjerg the emergency fire pump is still manufactured at our premises.  

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