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Offshore Solutions

Offshore solutions, service and products for the offshore business


Danish supplier to

The offshore segment

West-Marine supplies cost-efective solutions to offshore companies working with gas, wind or oil.

We offer a wide service and product program for the offshore segment: 

  • Service and repairment of marine products
  • Marine cranes
  • SafeTransfer – a personnel transfer basket
  • Survival Kits

Find below the various services that West-Marine provides when it comes to Offshore work.

Supplier of offshore solutions

What does offshore mean

Offshore is an English term and means far way from the coast. In colloquial language the term is used to describe areas with oil related firms such as drilling platforms or offshore wind farms.  

To West-Marine the word is connected with words as quality, responsibility, reliability, precision and safety. 

Geographically our workshop placed in Esbjerg covers the whole Northern Sea together with access to the rest of the world. 

Offshore work  -Know-how and quality

The reputation of West-Marine is built on security and quality together with know-how, flexibility and efficiency.

Execution of high quality is a manta for us. We guarantee quality solutions thanks to our experienced and quality-conscious employees. No matter whether executed in our workshop at Esbjerg or offshore.  

Specialized employees

Having specialized employees for both installations and service the projects are based on know-how and experience within the line of business since the year 1969.

Work teams within a range of branches can be mobilized with short notice.  

Services for this line of business

Our primary services for the offshore division are:

  • Change of turbine (Solar, Siemens etc..)
  • Inspection of gas compressors and complete service
  • Inspection and change of generators
  • Inspection and change of gearboxes
  • Inspection and service of the water injection pump
  • Adjustment with laser equipment or dial gauge
  • Maintenance of machinery, complete service ‘blinds to blinds’
  • Repair and change of cranes or hydraulic
  • Repair and change of fire water pump
  • Change of mechanic packing
  • Change of dry gas sealing
  • Support in case of machine malfunction
  • Tightening and twisting of bolts

Marine Cranes

West-Marine A/S offers and provides service on marine cranes developed and designed for application in the marine and offshore. 

The marine crane excels in beautiful details with a focus on security. The entire crane is designed with accessible service in mind.  






Safetransfer Personnel basket for Offshore solutions

Safe Transfer

Safe Transfer is a personnel basket which in a safe and secure way transfer personnel fra f.inst. a ship to a drilling platform. Look at the website  

Offshore Survival Kits

West-Marine offers Survival Kits for this line of business.

Our Survival Kits are customized and include sleeping bags, food, water, first aid kit etc.  Read more about various solutions in connection with this Kit.

A Survival Kit can be gathered according to your wishes. F.inst. different equipment for 3 days or 1 month or?

Survival Kits for the offshore segment
Offshore arbejde udført af dygtige medarbejdere

Certified Employees

Our employees possess the required offshore certification. They regularly update their knowledge by participating in relevant courses. Thus they always possess the newest competence to work efficiently with the new technology. 

Any Questions about our
Solutions and Equipment?

A team of skilled employees will help you with information regarding offshore solutions.
Keld Moesgaard

Keld Moesgaard

Head of Sales & Production

West-Marine A/S is a maritime company, which provides products and solutions to industrial, marine & offshore.

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