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Freshwater Generators

Freshwater Generators from ntorreiro are systems improving water quality by filtering out calcium, stones or harmful substances such as mercury or nitrate.

We offer two models, where dimensions and configuration depend on the individual model. The generator from ntorreiro is characterized by minimal size and easy maintenance. In general, ntorreiro’s freshwater generators focus on simplicity, functionality and economy.

Freshwater generator with reverse Osmosis

What is a Freshwater generator

A freshwater generator is distilling seawater into freshwater used for drinking, cooking, washing, steam boiler, etc. When the salted seawater is converted into drinking water, the most economical, reliable and feasible method will be desalination of seawater.

A freshwater generator is one of the essential machines onboard a ship or in industry. FWG or freshwater generators are something vital in many industries, such as the maritime segment, offshore, boiler plants, district heating plants, hospitals, dialysis centres and laboratories, as well as the chemical industry.

Use of a Freshwater Generator

The process can be carried out via a Fontemar Freshwater Generator, which uses the engine’s cooling water together with seawater, while the Osmomar Freshwater Generator uses reverse osmosis.

Advantages of a Freshwater Generator

  • Compact design
  • Manuel system
  • User friendly
  • Functionality
  • Easy to install
  • Easily accessible service
  • High quality
  • Option: Additional membranes

Freshwater Generator with Reverse Osmosis

Ntorreiro has developed a number of freshwater generators, where seawater is distilled into freshwater without the use of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide but using reverse osmosis.

The Osmomar® generators differ from similar ones due to their reduced size and easy maintenance.

Freshwater generator Osmomar
Osmomar generators produce freshwater using reverse osmosis. The water is suitable for human consumption once it has been mineralized and for any industrial use (high-pressure boilers, engine cooling systems, etc.

With the increased focus on nature all over the world, Ntorreiro’s Osmomar generators can help reducing pollution.

The Osmomar generators are the only brand built exclusively from stainless steel AISI 316-L. They have a high-pressure pump with ceramic body and helical diaphragm. The compact design provides access to all elements and is adapted to the requirements of the engine room, making this generator the best choice on the market.

The distillation generators can supply between 1500 and 30,000 litres of fresh water per day – depending on the size of the equipment.

Reverse Osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis

In reverse osmosis, the separation of substances occurs by diffusion through a semi-permeable membrane. The reverse Osmosis generator helps to filter even the finest substances in the water, all the way down to ion size, so the water will always be clean.

This makes the system popular on large yachts, offshore platforms and on passenger boats, where water is an absolute necessity.

Fontemar Freshwater Generator

Fontemar® generators produce fresh water by distilling seawater. It is the most economical of the two systems because it utilizes the residual heat from the engine cooling system. The water is distilled from 65 ° C and evaporated in a vacuum chamber.

Fontemar delivers freshwater productions from 1,500 litres per day to 30,000 litres per day. day. (Contact us for larger quantities).

Function of the Fontemar Generator

The Fontemar® generator uses the waste heat from the engine cooling system and circulates it through the heat exchanger. At this point, the engine’s cooling seawater loses about 7º, which is sufficient heat to produce freshwater appropriately. The cooling seawater passes through the condenser pipes.

The heat exchanger raises the water temperature around the pipes and due to the vacuum effect, the water starts to boil. The fumes produced rise to the upper part of the house as they pass through a screen separator (demister).

Water droplets are collected in the lower part while pure steam passes through the demister. Vapours become condensed coming in contact with the cool condenser tubes.

A tray located under the condenser collects the distilled water droplets produced by the generator. The extraction pump sends the water produced from the generator to the warehouse.

Salinometer analyzes the water and checks that only clean water is kept in the tank. Exceeding 4 p.p.m. (parts per million) a two-way electric solenoid valve will open and send the impure water to the drain.

Freshwater generators (evaporators) use salinometers on the distillate discharge to measure the quality of the water. Water from the evaporator may be intended for drinking water, so the saltwater is not desirable for human consumption.

In some ships, extremely high quality is required for use in water pipe boilers, where saltwater would be catastrophic. A salinometer is also installed in these ships

Freshwater generator with Fontemar

Advantages of the Fontemar®

Fontemar® is designed to transform seawater into freshwater suitable for human and industrial use. This equipment can be installed onboard ships and in land-based facilities.

  • Is the only one on the market where the structural elements and the boiler are made exclusively of AISI 316-L stainless steel, using a minimum of 3 mm thickness. which increases their service life by more than 40% and allows for quick repairs onboard the ship.
  • The compact design adapts to the space requirements of the engine room.
  • By taking residual heat from the cooling water on the engine and using a vacuum system from Fontemar’s own, it is able to produce fresh water from 65ºC.

The production range given by these equipment ranges from 1500 litres/day to 30000 litres/day.

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