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Registration of fires before they occur 

Prevention of Engine Room Fires


Daspos Leakage Alarm System was developed as a fire prevention initiative which should help to secure the open engine room against the risk of fires caused by oil leakage.

The patented fire alarm system helps to prevent fires in the ships’ engine rooms, where 2 out of three fires occur according to the statistics. Engine room fires cost shipping companies an average of $ 150,000 a minute and endanger both crew and material.

The advantage of LAS-10 is the active registration of fires before they occur, unlike traditional alarm products that passively detect fires after ignition.


Fire Alarm System

The alarm system is preventive and continuously analyzes the air in the room for harmful oil vapours and gases. The system is based on the high airflow rate – 10,000 l/min, which is passed through a detection chamber and through a unique filter. The electronics in the detector simultaneously combine and analyze the content of both gases and oil spray.

A sudden change in either the hydrocarbon gas content or fouling of the filter is detected, triggering a warning to the crew. LAS-10 is capable of detecting risks that no other system can detect.

You get this with the alarm system LAS-10:

  • Monitoring of different areas, individual settings
  • Detects hazards that you cannot see
  • High reliability and easy maintenance
  • No false alarms
  • The system can be integrated into an existing system
  • Immediate alarm in the event of a gas or oil spill

Coponents for the Fire Alarm System

The system is constructed by the components: Control unit, a monitor and from 2 to 12 detectors.

A control unit that collects information from the individual detector.

A monitor where data is collected and stored. Here, alarm limit settings can be adjusted and data history is displayed in both numeric and graphical form.

2-12 detectors depending on the size and design of the ship. To determine the optimal monitoring and number of detectors, a smoke test is performed in the open engine room. The location should ensure prompt warning of oil spray or gas leakage.

Leakage alarm system detaljeret beskrivelse

The Importance of a DASPOS Leakage Alarm System

  • Fire Prevention – The airflow of approx 600.000 liters/hour ensure a prompt alert in case of an oil leak.
  • Insurance – Lower insurance premium due to a reduced number of fires.
  • Quality – LAS-10 can withstand the heat, moisture, and vibration that occur in an engine room.
  • FiltersTo be replaced and cleaned with ordinary cleaning agents.
  • Maintenance – Periodic cleaning of filters (typically at intervals of 4-8 weeks)
  • Operation – Easy to operate either via a control unit or a touch screen.
  • LocationDetectors are installed on the basis of a smoke test. Number and location are determined from the smoke test.
  • InstallationInstallation is performed exclusively by trained DASPOS personnel.   
  • DocumentationValidated by the Danish Technological Institute and documented in the operating manuals.

Approval of the Leakage Alarm System

This Leakage alarm system, which effectively warns about fires in the vessel’s engine room, has been tested and validated by the Danish Technological Institute, approved by DNV * GL, LLOYD and patented in a number of countries.



The LAS-10 fire alarm system is used by shipyards, large ships, cargo ships, passenger ships, shipowners, ship designers, drilling rigs manufacturers of wind turbines or smaller ships, all of which are stronger with a LAS-10.

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