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Ensure High Maneuverability  

They ensure high Maneuverability

ZF Azimuth Thrusters

West-Marine A/S specializes in thruster repair, thruster maintenance and thruster service, ensuring that you can always rely on our assistance and expertise in overhauling your vessel’s thruster.

A wide range of steerable ZF Azimuth thrusters ensures ships and other vessels have a compact propulsion system with the highest degree of maneuverability.

At West-Marine A/S, we provide complete integrated systems with joysticks and control panels for you, enabling optimal navigation and control of your thrusters.

A modular design allows for a high degree of customization to meet your needs. All systems are compatible with both diesel and electric motors.

Thruster repair and maintenance

Thrusters with advanced technology

Azimuth thrusters are characterized by advanced technology and great durability. Various 360° steerable thrusters, transverse thrusters or shallow draught thrusters act as the primary or auxiliary propulsion unit.

azimuth thrusters

Complete thruster maintenance

“Thrust In Us”! At our workshop in Esbjerg, you can get your thruster serviced and repaired. For us, the result is crucial. We often provide extra maintenance services such as polishing this Azimuth – even though it is “only” located underwater.

Learn more about our maintenance and thruster repair services for industrial and marine equipment. Whether you need repairs, overhauls, retrofits, or any form of service, it is carried out by West-Marine A/S either at our workshop, on the vessel, or directly on the rig.

Our skilled employees have broad knowledge and extensive experience in servicing and repairing equipment for marine, offshore, and industrial applications.

Azimuth Thrusters Tailored to your Needs

  • Z-drive or L-drive (depending on shaft arrangement) *
  • Operating system ThrusterCommand is an integral part of the propulsion system
  • Mounting configuration
  • Drive settings (Diesel engine – Z-drive Electric motor horizontal X drive and vertical L drive)
  • Hydraulic motor L-drive
  • Control of the thruster
  • Electrical or hydraulic control
  • Cooling
  • Seawater
  • Freshwater
  • Robust suspension to reduce vibration

* Mechanical ZF Azimuth Thrusters are divided into L-drive and Z-drive. An L-drive thruster has a vertical input shaft and a horizontal output shaft. A z-drive thruster has a horizontal input shaft and a horizontal output shaft.

Advantages of Azimuth Thrusters

  • Robust, solid and compact design
  • Ship-specific design
  • Possibility of using biodegradable lubricating oil
  • Easy installation and service
  • Design that ensures optimized efficiency
  • Low noise emission
  • Manoeuvrability and thus better utilization of ship space

    The individual azimuth thruster is typically equipped with a control system that enables both steering and propulsion control of the ship.

Shallow Draught Thruster

High manoeuvrability in shallow water  

The shallow draught thruster offers unmatched manoeuvrability. This thruster is the perfect solution for you who need to navigate in shallow water, for example with a ferry or workboats, the thruster being the main propulsion unit.

Also used as extra or back-up propulsion as on some research vessels. The thruster for shallow water is dimensioned for inputs from 100 – 825 kW.

 Shallow Draught Thruster
Retactable azimuth Thruster

Retractable Azimuth Thruster

Position retention

The retractable Azimuth Thruster operates in full azimuth mode when deployed as part of an auxiliary propulsion system to increase the vessel’s ability to maintain its position. If the vessel is equipped with a phased propeller, the thruster can be used for diesel, hydraulic or electric motors.

Typical applications are research and military vessels, stand-by and rescue vessels. The thruster is dimensioned for input from 200 – 2000 kW.

Tunnel Thruster

Improved manoeuvring with bow thruster

The tunnel thruster with optimized hydrodynamic efficiency leads to increased manoeuvrability on traditional axle-mounted vessels and pleasure boats. Using the thruster as extra help makes mooring easier.

When used for more demanding applications such as dynamic positioning, performance can be optimized. The thruster is dimensioned for input from 100-2000 kW.

In some cases, the Tunnel Thruster may be an alternative to a shallow draught thruster

Tunne Thruster

Thruster Repair & Service

At our workshop in Esbjerg, your Azimuth Thruster gets serviced and repaired. For us, the result is crucial. Yet we often provide extra service such as cleaning this Azimuth making it shine.

Read more about our service and repair of industrial and marine equipment. If you want a thruster repair, retrofitting or any kind of service, it is performed by West-Marine A/S either at our workshop, on the ship or on the rig itself.

Our skilled employees have a broad knowledge and extensive experience in service and repair of equipment for both marine, offshore and industry.

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Thruster repair or service?

We have experts helping you with the right thruster service, repair or solution. Contact us and make an appointment for the next service.

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