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Safe and efficient line throwers for the marine and industry

Restech Line Thrower

A multipurpose pneumatic line thrower

Restech line thrower – from the Norwegian company is designed for use both in industry and in the maritime environment. Safety is optimal, why the line thrower can be used in environments with flammable liquids or gases due to the pneumatic operation – a new technology where other systems use gunpowder.

What is a Restech PLT® Line Thrower

A PLT line thrower uses compressed air to shoot from a to b. The line thrower can be reused. No explosives such as gunpowder are used, and the line thrower is suitable for use in a harsh and wet environment.

Which line thrower to choose?

Depending on the application, you choose between Solas, Multi and Mini.
Below you see our models listed showing benefits and applications.
PLT line throwers can be used with pick-up grapples, throwing a ball, lifebuoy, line etc.

New technology with compressed air

Why Choose a Restech Line Thrower?

More than 7000 line throwers have been delivered by the Norwegian company due to many advantages of this solution:

  • In terms of safety – The gunpowder-based solutions have become more expensive, which makes PLT line throwers competitive on price
  • Environmentally – cartridges and projectiles are recycled – with gunpowder-based systems, they can only be used once. Most ships have a compressor filling the air cartridges, allowing the PLT launcher to be ready for use again quickly.
  • Logistically – there are problems with the gunpowder-based line throwers when sent by plane. A PLT line thrower can be sent by plane anywhere in the world.
  • Expiration date – other systems have an expiration date of three years, with the Restech solution lasting as long as the ship
  • Precision – if you shoot with a PLT line thrower, the direction will be more precise than when shooting with a gunpowder-based line thrower. Once you have sent a PLT off, the cartridge itself will stop at the point where it hits. Unlike gunpowder-based systems, where the cartridges whiz around on the ship.


The company Restech is ISO 9001 certified and Achilles approved.
The products comply with the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and Solas being requirements for equipment onboard vessels at sea. The PLT line throwers are also DNV-GL approved by Det Norske Veritas, and thus certified in most of the world.

Benefits of the Line Thrower

  • Economical solution – due to the pneumatics
  • Less risk of personal injury
  • Distance depends on the solution
  • Lifetime – no expiration date
  • The projectiles can be reused
  • Legislated test every 5 years (Multi)

West-Marine A/S in Esbjerg is authorized Dealer and Certified Service Provider

Being authorized and certified by PLT you’ll only get the best!

Authoriseret forhandler
Certificeret Service provider hos Restech

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