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Line Thrower PLT®SOLAS

What  is a Line Thrower PLT®SOLAS?

A line thrower PLT®Solas is the latest pneumatic line thrower from Restech. The Solas version is designed to comply with IMO Solas 74/96 rules. Used onboard larger ships it is available as a modular unit with replaceable components. 

With Sola’s line thrower you can fire up to 6 times without refilling the air cylinder. Minimum firing distance is 230 meters.

Every 5 years, a hydrostatic test is performed on the PLT air cylinder.

A set of PLT® SOLAS comes with launching unit, launching tube and 4 projectiles

Restech line thrower PLT® Solas

PLT® SOLAS Launching Unit

The PLT® Solas Launching Unit either operates at 200 bar (2900 psi) or 300 bar (4350 psi) and is refilled using a high-pressure air compressor.

It is reusable immediately after being filled with compressed air.

Line Thrower Applied in Emergency

Information About Other Line Throwers

The PLT® Solas line thrower is just one of several. Restech has different versions such as PLT® Multi and PLT® Mini. All line throwers complemented with different equipment.

Get an overview of our Restech line throwers here.

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