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Produced by West-Marine A/S

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Stretcher or Hoisting Stretcher

West-Marine stretchers are designed to rescue injured persons in the maritime environment.

A flexible stretcher for both vertical and horizontal lifting, with the advantage of lifting people where traditional stretchers usually do not have the necessary space.

Developed in collaboration with Chief Medical Officer of the Navy H.O. Bisgaard-Frantzen, a doctor for Frømandskorpset, Sirius Patruljen as well as doctor for divers.

Need to buy a stretcher?

  • The stretcher meets the Danish Maritime Authority’s requirements
  • It is CE approved
  • Our stretchers are M2 approved meaning  they are made of fire-retardant tarpaulin

Stretchers from West-Marine

How to assemble WM Stretchers

The hoisting stretcher is assembled as shown in this video.

The stretcher is assembled in a fast and east way ensuring that the patient is fixed and protected from the effects of cold.

The lifting straps are designed so that the stretcher can be lifted horizontally, vertically or at an angle of 45 degrees. This makes it easy to transport injured people from inaccessible places. 

How Stretchers behave in Water

If stretchers get into the water, the inflatable buoyancy chambers cause them to float and automatically turn to get the patient’s face up.

The stretcher is equipped with a neoprene hood and an effective “sprayhood”, which increases the chances of survival in water and reduces cooling of the patient.

Technical Details of the Stretcher

  • CE approved
  • Meets the Danish Maritime Authority’s requirements
  • Test load horizontal 600 kg
  • Test load 45 degrees 600 kg
  • Test load vertical 300 kg
  • Tightness test for buoyancy chambers 12 hours
  • Weight with backpack 22.8 kg
  • Hoisted 21.5 kg
  • Measure folded 76x48x16 cm
  • Measures unfolded L: 214 W: 80/44 cm
  • Length adjustment according to the patient’s height
  • Built-in backrest

Your Advantages of Stetchers

  • Footplate for support when hoisting vertically
  • The stretcher is equipped with lifting straps, for hoisting both horizontally and vertically
  • Double-sided flaps, neoprene hood and sprayhood protect against cold ensuring effective fixation of the patient
  • Four patient straps with quick release
  • Can be used with a neck collar
  • Turn and float with the patient’s face-up
  • Applied in rescue helicopters
  • Made of fire-retardant tarpaulin, M2 approved
  • The frame of seawater resistant telescope aluminium tube

WM Stretchers the preferred Choice  

If you need a safe, approved, tested and completely solid solution, you will find it here!

Stretcher is packed
  1. Quick and easy assembly – or preparation – in case of an accident.
  2. You’ll get a quick overview of the situation.
  3. Watch the video above for information about assembling.
Stretcher in a Backpack
  1. Foot plate for use in vertical lifting keeping the patient’s safety in focus.
  2. You are certain that patients are fixed and never slip out of the hoisting stretcher at a vertical lift.

Lifting belts of the hoisting stretcher
  1. Lifting belts for vertical or horizontal hoisting. Unique for this hoisting stretcher, as conventional only can be lifted horizontally.
  2. You can lift people up where an ordinary stretcher does not have room.

Approved Stretcher

The WM stretcher is delivered both with and without buoyancy.

Please compare with a conventional stretcher with and without buoyancy and see the difference!



The stretcher was developed at West-Marine in Esbjerg. Thus, we have technicians who know the stretcher from the very beginning.

Contact one of our employees for more information.

Or read more about rescue equipment here

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