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OXE Diesel

A high performance outboard engine with extra power 

A natural choice

OXE Diesel

OXE Diesel outboard engine is a climate-friendly and sustainable product, as it produces 45% less CO2 than traditional outboard engines – and it naturally runs on diesel.

It also has a much lower fuel consumption than other outboard engines on the market. The outboard engine takes up more space, but it makes less noise than similar engines. The outboard engine is bigger, and it has much more power than other products.

The outboard engine from OXE is available in several variations, with the smallest size offering 150 horsepower and the latest size offering 300 horsepower.

Thats why you are guaranteed a outboard engine that gives you a lot of benefits on the blue waves.

Why should you select a OXE Diesel?

Focus on the user experience

OXE Diesel has specialized in outboard engines for many years and they therefore know the needs of the different boat types.

OXE Diesel is the only outbound diesel engine built solely with a focus on users and their expectations and needs for an engine. They are designed for those who use their boat every single day – regardless of weather conditions. It is for those who place high demands on the engine and expect it to be able to operate for many hours a year. The innovation fills a new segment in the maritime industry and cannot be compared to an existing product on the market today.

Efficiency, endurance, power and control are the keywords and characteristics of their outboards.

West-Marine is a dealer of OXE in Denmark.

Why should you choose a OXE outboard engine?

  • 60 % longer range
  • Uses less fuel than a gasoline outboard
  • High torque and bottom tension
  • C02-emissions reduced by 34,5 % 
  • Available fuel
  • Operates at lower revs
  • Less noise
Oxe 300 diesel

Facts about OXE Marine

OXE Marine was established in 2012, and they developed the world’s first high-performance diesel outboard engine with focus on the users needs.

The company is headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden, but in addition to Sweden, they also have productions in both the USA and Poland. In addition to outboard engines, OXE Marine has a wide range of other products that they develop and produce, including hydraulic gear systems.

In the second quarter of 2020, they delivered the first diesel engine with 300 horsepower. OXE Marine and especially their diesel outboard engines have in a short time become a widespread product and are found all over most of the world. They have registered outboard engines in Norway, Australia, Africa, USA and many places. It says that OXE Diesel has created a quality product that has a great demand.

At OXE Marine you can find one of the world’s most efficient diesel outboard engines, but you also have the option of having a hydraulic gear system.

oxe diesel service

Products from OXE Diesel

The diesel outboard engine, you can get, comes in many sizes. You can read more about the OXE specifications on the outboard engines here. 


Service and maintenance at West-Marine

If you want repair, retrofitting or any kind of service, it is performed by West-Marine. Our skilled employee is ready to help in the workshop or out with you – around the clock.

We are experts in servicing and maintaining boat engines and your inboard engine or outboard engine can be made. So you can safely send your diesel outboard past our workshop and have it repaired by our specialized service technicians.

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