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DASPOS product will improve the safety on the ocean

7. September, 2022

West-Marine A/S is constantly trying to improve safety and life at sea with the help of a number of prominent products. And now we have added a new product from DASPOS that can spot a fire before it occurs.

This is the Leakage Alarm System (LAS-10), which uses specially designed sensors to measure the air in an engine room and can thereby detect even very small gas leaks or oil leaks on board at an early stage. The system is made of material that can withstand both heat, humidity and large vibrations that can occur in a machine room.

West-Marine has acquired the agency for DASPOS’ latest alarm system, which with its revolutionary technology differs from traditional alarms, which only react when the damage has occurred. The revolutionary feature is that the system can detect a fire before it occurs.

Great advantages of DASPOS

The system has no false alarms and detects dangers you cannot see yourself. And another advantage is that the system can be integrated into existing systems.

“DASPOS LAS-10 is standard equipment at several shipping companies, and it is expected that LAS-10 will gain traction in, for example, the fishing fleet. Many both major and minor accidents or downtime can of course be avoided if you have the system installed”, says CEO of West-Marine A/S, Carsten Larsen, who is proud to have an agency on the DASPOS system.

“We are very excited to offer our customers this Leakage Alarm System from DASPOS, which creates great reassurance and enormous security for the Danish seafarers.”

Daspos west-marine
In addition to being an effective alarm system, the DASPOS LAS-10 is also easy to install in, for example, the ship’s engine room.

Reduce costs with LAS-10

An engine room fire costs shipping companies an average of $150,000 per minute and has serious consequences for the crew. It will be a lot of money to save and a safer experience for the ship’s crew by getting a preventive alarm system from DASPOS.

In addition to the new alarm, West-Marine also has a number of other products that can help with safety on the Danish seas. Including emergency fire pumps, safety baskets and rescue equipment.

Read more about DASPOS and their LAS-10 here.

Daspos west-marine

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