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Speich Wiper System Pendulum

Why use a wiper system from Speich?

A Speich Wiper System Pendulum is for anyone wanting to combine reliability, professional equipment and design.

Often, wipers become a characteristic element in the design of the boat instead of simple accessories. In today’s Denmark, boats and ships are being designed with more and more sloping windows that require large windshield wipers to ensure optimal views.

The SPEICH wiper allows you to meet these needs. They are especially used on yachts and larger boats where the aesthetic requirements are met.

Speich Wiper System Pendulum
Wiper balde for Pendulum

Optimized Speich Window Washer

The pendulum wiper system is specially manufactured and designed to ensure:

  • Wide range in sizes and surface finish of the wiper arms
  • The compact design of the motor unit for easy installation;
  • High strength and corrosion resistance to operate under marine conditions.
  • Excellent adaptability and easy maintenance
  • Good reliability and resistance to marine conditions

This is how  Pendulum Wipers Work

In fact, it acts as the windshield wiper in your own car.
Below you can see how.

Speich Wiper System Pendulum

Application of Pendulum Wipers

The wiper system Pendulum is used on both

  • Yachts
  • Pleasure boats
  • Passenger ships

as the system is designed according to your desire.

Similar Products to the Vessel

In case you haven’t found the wiper, wiper arm or motor  for your boat, take a look at these systems:

  • Speich Wiper System Pantograph
  • Speich wiper system Straight Line or
  • Speech Clear view screen

For more information please look at

So who is Speich

Since Speich received the first patent in 1938, the company has been manufacturing wiper systems fulfilling requirements of reliability, safety and durability, thus being ABS approved.

Speich is a recognized brand with a modern design that 100% meets today’s requirements.



Not necessary to replace the entire system, but simply the wiper arm, wiper blade or wiper motor, this is also an option.

The product program includes accessories such as heating elements, speed and interval control as well as washing systems.  All controlled by logically structured control panels.

Easily find the equipment and accessories you are missing by contacting us.

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