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Push-Pull Control Systems

Push-pull controls from Kobelt are durable, high-quality manoeuvring systems. In-house bronze casting and precision machining make the system long-lasting and reliable in the harshest environments. Push-Pull controls also consist of control heads, cables and a number of other accessories.

Push-pull styringer
Push-pull styringer - kontrolhoved 2009

Push-Pull Control Head 2009

2009 – the AK version is our most popular push-pull control head.

The “A” means that control is provided with a long clutch lever (left) and a short throttle lever. The clutch lever has adjustable neutral tension. A detent gives you a “click” so you know where neutral is (without looking at the control).

“K” stands for chrome finish.

Push-Pull Control Head with one Lever

One engine – one station

2046 is our most popular control head with one handle and two functions: Engagement and throttle.

 We offer different options like:

  • Curved or straight handles.
  • Chrome, black or polished bronze
Push--pull stryinger - kontrolhoved med et håndtage
Pu-pull styringer - to kontrolenheder

Two Control Heads

One engine – Two stations

Definitely the best system on the market with two stations.
The unique design is very easy to operate.


  • A 2091-KYZ primary control head
  • A 2093-KYZ secondary control head
  • “KYZ” means chrome, straight handles and metal marking on the dome

Twin Handle Control Heads

Control heads with two handles

These control heads are made in bronze and stainless steel.

Model 2009 with 3 ”(76 mm) strokes can be used for one or two stations with relatively short and straight runs. Model 2010 due to the short stroke – 2-3 / 8 ”(60 mm) is only recommended for a station check.

Push-pull styringer kontrolhoved med to håndtag
Push-pull styringer heavy duty kontrolenhed

One Handle Heavy Duty Control Heads

Heavy Duty control heads – operated with a handle


Designed with a focus on workmanship and quality. The robust design includes practical and modern styling. Control heads in bronze and stainless steel provide many years of trouble-free operation.

Model 2003 and 2004 provide 3 ”(76 mm) cable strokes, and Model 2006 provides 4” (102 mm) cable strokes.

All Kobelt one-handle and two-handle control heads are equipped with frictions or detents as standard. Neutral safety switches are optional.

Twin Handle Heavy Duty Control Heads

Heavy-duty control heads – operated with twin handle

These control heads are designed for one or two reasonably heavy station control applications

Movable couplings and throttle levers (not mechanical couplings). The heavy construction of these

Devices provide many years of hassle-free service. Model 2011 has a maximum of 3 ”(76 mm) on cable strokes and model 2012 has 4” (102 mm).

Push-pull styringer - heavy duty kontrolhoved med to håndtag

Need Another kind of Control ?

Besides the Push-Pull controls, we have electronic controls.

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