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Electronic Controls

Requirement of Electronic Control

Electronic controls require a combination of components including a control head, a microprocessor unit and an actuator.

Within the area of electronic controls systems you’ll find The Mighty Mariner comprising the 6505S control head in combination with an electronic actuator 6527-S being available in both bronze and stainless steel.

The control head is completely waterproof can be used anywhere onboard.

Control Head  6505S for electronic controls
Electronic Controls - Actuator 6527S


The electronics are stored in the actuator housing itself, thus eliminating the need for a separate microprocessor unit. This simplified control of the system is perfectly suitable for most boats and has all the extra safety features. Which can only be found at Kobelt.

The electronic control is designed for do-it-yourself installation.
Communication is via a CAN Bus.
This system offers up to 4 stations with station interface, station interface locks, throttle levers and synchronization.

• Self-monitoring
• Wire break monitoring
• System temperature monitoring
• Potentiometer monitoring
• Coupling and throttle delay
• Overriding throttle
• Neutral safety
• Motor synchronization
• Station lock

Electronic Controls

Control head 6505S and 6505-2000 remote control panel and electronic interface 6503

The electronic system can be used with electronic coupling and throttle lever

The control head 6505S is used together with a model 6503

Processor used to:

  • Monitor all input information from motor and control head
  • Operate a clutch and motor
  • Operate the throttle signal to the engine
Electronic Interface
Remote Panel for electronic Controls

Remote Panel 6505-2000

This remote panel extends the range of products that can be used with the electronic system. The remote panel has all the basic features available on a 6505S control station and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

You can get systems for one or two engines, and from one to four stations.

Mikroprocessor 6525

This digital central processing unit handles up to 8 control stations with only two communication lines. It controls two main engines and their respective reverse gear or CP propellers.

6525 provides input for controlling valves and all interlocking to common propulsion systems, including power for propellers, brakes and throttle levers.



Electronic Controls Mikroprocessor 6525
Microprocessor 6527S
6525 is the most flexible system and works with all Kobelt components

Electronic Control Systems

Haven’t found a suitable control among these electronic controls – have a look at our push-pull controls.

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