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Hydrophore Pump MO – Side Channel Pump

What is a Hydrophore Pump?

The hydrophore pumps – also called side-channel pumps or liquid ring pumps – are separating air and liquid from an Emulsion. This action is achieved thanks to the radial impeller and the side channels.

Hydrophore pumps are applied where the pure liquid is handled with low flow.  Having properties from the centrifugal pump and the positive displacement pump the hydrophore pumps also handle a mixture of gas and liquid. Due to the self-priming properties of the pump, the side channel pump initially acts as a displacement pump, but once the side channels are filled, it begins to function as a centrifugal pump.

Hydrophore pump from Azcue
Hydrofphore pump MO


  • Flow Rate up to 9 m³H
  • Max Head (pressure) up to 225 m 
  • Outlet Sizes DN 1″ – 1½”
  • Max Temperature 90° C


The pumps are available in bronze or cast-iron


Use of the Hydrophore Pumps

Thanks to their compatibility with most liquids, hydrophore pumps can be used in many places – however, no solids can be present.

The pumps can handle water, fuel, lubricants, oils and chemicals such as ammonia. Yes, the hydrophore pumps can handle gas and steam content without any interruption in the flow of liquid or damage caused by internal parts due to dry driving.

Consequently, the pumps are often used for pumping liquids containing up to 50% gas content.

Hydrophore pump at West-Marine

Advantages and Function of the MO Series Hydrophore Pump 

  • Close-coupled multistage side channel pump
  • Back pull out design for simple maintenance
  • Can handle up to 50% entrained air content
  • Compact horizontal design 
  • 230v, three phases of 50Hz/60Hz motors available. IP55 as standard
  • Low NPSH  (Net Positive Suction Head) – see the performance in the brochure
  • Separate shafts in the pump and motor
  • Clockwise or anticlockwise rotation
  • Self-priming design


Fuel oil pumps – for loading and unloading ships
Fuel transfer – sea gas oil
Lubricating oils

Fuel transfer – handling of diesel and heating oil
Separation of Fuel Oil

Transfer of lubricants between containers
Gas, diesel and fuel transfers

Approved Hydrophore Pump

Each pump is designed to fit your process, resulting in greater efficiency and lower lifetime costs in terms of wear and energy consumption. All pumps are tested individually before leaving the factory. The hydrophore pump or side channel pump is type approved by the navy, eg Lloyds / ABS.



Like the other pumps in the Azcue program, the hydrophore pump MO benefits from the interchangeable part for reduced on board stockholding. The task of replacing a pump prematurely that just needs maintenance won’t be necessary.

At West-Marine, we have many years of experience in servicing pumps from Azcue Pumps in Spain and guarantee supply of spare parts for many years to come from final production of a model. Thus, the user doesn’t need to replace a pump – only a spare part.

Take a closer look at the different pumps from Azcue here.

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